Free Delivery to anywhere in the Goshen ZIP Codes

How this works: No gimmicks, no promo codes, no extra steps. If you want your order to go anywhere in Goshen, select the Goshen Delivery option when you check out. Typically orders are delivered the next day, but we will try our best to deliver sooner. We will drop it off on the porch, ring the doorbell, and promptly leave; maintaining our social distancing. 

Shipping to everywhere outside of Goshen

The Nut Shoppe uses UPS for all their shipping needs. We have negotiated with UPS for the best rates available to us, and are passing along the savings. UPS picks up every Tuesday & Thursday, (usually after 3pm).

In Store Pick Up

[Currently not available due to shelter order.] 
Pick up your order in our store. We usually have your order done same day, but will email you an estimated time of when your order will be done.